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Exercise Freedom of Speech in Alberta, Canada is a supportive communication blog for Albertans. We provide the opportunity to let Albertans have their say about current and past political, social and economic events that affect Alberta.

We are NOT affiliated with any political party. Any revenue from business advertising on this website goes to the growth, maintenance and continuation of this website.

Alberta Legislature
Government of Alberta Legislature, Edmonton, Alberta

Have Your Say on Our Blog

Submit your article post to us and we will publish it here for free on the blog. We want to provide a venue for you to exercise your right for speech and opinions about important Alberta topics that currently affect Albertans and have over the past years.

Your real name will NOT be published unless you choose. You may choose a screen name.

Back Up Your
Statements and Opinions

When posting an article, please provide evidence that supports what you have to say. We are looking for “quality” writing that is well thought out and executed in writing. Put good effort into writing your article. Please make sure there is enough detail in your post that supports what you are wishing to say. We will also allow you to include artwork/photos with your post. Each photo or artwork MUST NOT breach copyright laws. They must be yours and original.

Posts We Will Not Accept

We will NOT post any written article that is illegal and content that is unwelcome to publish on the Internet. Some of the content includes threats and abuse, racism, sexism, propaganda slander, pornography (both child and adult), offensive content. Please read our Terms & Conditions to learn more about the restrictions to posting on a blog on the Internet in Canada.

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